Throwing Caution to the wind.........

Women love their stylist. You put a certain level of trust into their hands and scissors when you plop down in that chair, and a good one will take you in looking frazzled from a long day at work, look at your limp, product laden hair, pulled back tight in a hair band (poor containment system) smile, ask how you have been, put a glass of wine in your hand and go to work. When you leave, you feel as if you could walk down the red carpet at the Grammys. That's a good stylist. I have maintenance issues with my hair. Truth be told, styling my hair is tedious and I put it right up there with sewing knit pieces together (seriously hate that) I've been known to let my hair go long enough that it looks as if took a hiatus and lived in the jungle for a few months. Then I make an appointment and lop it all off. This time I switched to a whole new salon because at my old salon I cancelled my last three appointments and felt a certain level of embarrasment. Doing a search online I turned up the split end salon, and they offer stylist is the profile for my new stylist, Jill T.
Jill T.
I have been at THE SPLIT END SALONS since 1998.
I have been licensed since 1997.
I enjoy foiling, coloring and cutting. I attend various classes through out the year to keep up on the latest trends and fashion.
I like to knit, read, watch NASCAR races and spend time with my friends and family.
I didn't make that up, she does enjoy knitting and nascar! Crazy right?
So, in I go, plop down in the seat and 8 inches later I have a new do that barely fits in a pony tail. My head feels as if it lost 10 lbs, maybe I should have weighed myself before and after? hmmmm maybe next time but I doubt I'll publish the numbers.
I'm still working on a few things.
1. Fatima's Shawl
2. The Baby Sack
3. Other mysterious baby items :)
I'll try and take some progress photos tonight for you to see tomorrow......

Here's to a better hair maintenance schedule Jill.......... Love my summer do!



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