Warms the Heart........

So I know over the past two weeks I've talked about little Damien in his knitted goodies from me, but I had only seen pictures and not actually met him in person, until last night.........Last night was his first night at the racetrack and my chance to meet him. When I got up to the top of the grandstand where the little heartbreaker was surrounded by women, there he was wrapped up in his blanket that has already been washed many times and still looks great! He was snuggled in there and happy as could be, I got to cuddle with him for a bit and his Aunt Hailey snapped a photo of us. I haven't seen it yet in full view but on the back of her SLR it looked pretty cute :)

Let me tell you one thing;
Knitting for others is a joy to me, watching a piece take shape all the while thinking about who's going to have it, wondering if they'll love it. I rarely see the things I knit ever again once I give them away and so I still wonder if they are loved, or put away, or tagged in a garage sale for $5.00 (which would be a steal for whoever buys it) Seeing a baby not only in photos but also in person totally content wrapped up in a blanket knit with only him in mind............well that feeling right there is why I knit. (and why some people will receive more knitted goods than others)

You should all check out Hailey's race photos on her Facebook page. She really is very talented. You'll see my husbands car....#21 Black and Red Nissan with a big ball of yarn on the hood.......

Anyway, the sun is shining, the coffee is hot, and I have a ton of chores both indoors and outdoors to accomplish, but seeing as how it's sunny I believe I'll tackle the outdoor stuff first........It's possible I'll have the day all to myself since D might be heading to Sammamish for some Hydro Plane races....you can read about the event here
If you want to learn more about Hydroplanes, click here (Mom, G will like this)
Hydro's are a big part of summer in Seattle and the events surround the big race in August should be kicking off soon.


I love the feeling of seeing someone wearing (and cherishing!) something you've hand knitted -- ESPECIALLY a baby. I definitely knit a lot more for the people who I can tell enjoy my knitting. : )
mindeeharriss said…
Oh Carmel, I can't thank you enough for everything you've knitted for him!
I'm so glad you finally got to meet him and the picture Hailey got of you two is adorable.

Still need to do that matching socks photo ;-)

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