Work in Progress.....

Well according to this photo I have two WIP's.....both of which I am enjoying immensely! It's a beautiful afternoon north of Seattle and for the first time since last summer the breeze carries more warmth and not the sting of winter! This is my number one favorite thing to do after work on Fridays, sit on my deck, knit something simple, and drink a beer(s). D is out at the race track so it's just me and the hounds tonight. Soon we're going to grab another beverage, some cheese & crackers and hunker down out here to work on this current project!
Ever since I joined Ravelry in 2008 I have been enamored with baby sleep sacks......I just love them so now I am making the first of many I am sure!
Pattern: the Ella and Grady Sleep Sack (that's right folks it's a twofer!)
Yarn: happy feet dk in a color I call Crayola Crazy!
Needles: 16" size 3 circulars

This is the Grady Sleep Sack the Ella one will be done next!
Later tonight when I hunker down with a movie I am going to knit a Rebecca Danger pattern I think I will do her chubby chirps! I have a lot of yarn leftover from Damiens blanket and snuggy so I think he should have a knit toy as well!
Happy Friday!

Mom......can you overnight me a hot dog from Gene & Judes in Chicago I saw you had a few!


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