Another Saturday Another Day at the Track...........

It started out great..........D set fast time which also set a new track record in the smoking hot CarmelKnits Ministock!
While D was busy with the car I was busy getting food ready for everyone......silly me, I forgot my fork to pierce the potatoes with...thank goodness the tool box was nearby becuase there are all manner of fun things to pierce potatoes with in there....I settled on a screwdriver.
(I would have resorted to my knitting needles if I had to)

Photo courtesy of Racing for Jesus Ministries, Nancy Benjamin

 Here is D setting his fast time! I was standing in the corner of turn 3 as his mark (where he needed to start going into the turn) I asked if he saw me, he said 'no, I was too busy ______ my pants' (use your imagination) Saturday's race was the first time the Ministock Class was allowed to race on the big track...They hit speeds of 105 mph!
The boys of the 99 team Scott and Eddie (not sure who the guy in the white tee is)

In between Qualifying, cooking, and other race related activities I managed to skeedaddle up to the grandstand for some serious baby cuddle time!! This is Damien my friend Mindy and her husband Kris' son. He is 6 weeks and is simply adorable!

Then the race started..............and ended with a wreck in turn 3 and another wreck going into turn 1......It happens. However everyone is that's the good news.....the bad news is....
We split it right up the kisser and need to decide whether to repair it or start looking for a new nose piece....

Duct tape fixes many things but this time it won't cut the mustard......The big open hole under the crack used to have a screen in it....I saw it go flying into the air and over the wall in turn three. I think next time I'm at the track I'll pop over there and see if I can't find it......
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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