I had the line...

Pretty much how the day went yesterday...D, slept in fairly late. That being said, anything past 8:00 is late for me and I'm usually up and rearing to go by 7:30. We had a grand plan to get things done around the house, including an oil change on Mr. Ford in the driveway, but apparently that requires a special socket, a socket that D bought and now can't find. So off we went in search of a new one to buy. Now at this point in the story it gets a little sketchy. Dale says he had the line (racing term) which leads me to believe 2 things.
1. 3 weeks off from racing is too long for him
2. Next time he 'has the line' I don't plan on being in the car
What happened you ask? Well he took a corner a little bit fast and hit the curb with my right front causing the sidewall to separate and bubble out. Instant trip to the tire center. Well now there is a wrench in the rest of the day because we also made an impromptu plan to have family and friends over for dinner and we were cutting it close...
Get to the tire center, thank goodness the front right was covered under warrantly however my car was out of alignment causing the rear tires to wear funny so we ended up having to buy 2 more new tires, get them rotated, get the car realligned etc etc.
If this makes it sound like I was in a good mood at this point then I am a better writer than I think.
The grocery store was a treat.
Getting home I needed to clean up the kitchen a bit and vacuum, well one vacuum had the cord jammed and unless we found an extension cord that one wasn't going to be use, the other one lost a nut and can't roll but you can use the hand hose...at this point I think I lost a nut. I said a few choice words, took a few jabs at D who then decided to go out and mow the lawn, poured a large glass of wine and tried to readjust...This was the turning point.
The family came over, we grilled steaks, Keegan played with the dogs wearing them out and himself. We had the trauma of a splinter removal on a 5 year old that once it was over was a great relief for him. Dinner was great, company was great, and the day ended on a high note...
Today we get to try and accomplish some of the stuff we got sidetracked from yesterday, like finishing the back lawn, pruning around our shed so when the painting is done on the house that can be done as well... Then later tonight it's dinner with our niece and nephews. Shelby is moving away to Ohio for a year and between trying to squeeze in family time and friend time, not to mention being in a wedding this last week, she's frazzled, but we get to see her tonight and her brothers and that I am looking forward too. I haven't seen enough of her this past year :)

I am also in the process of putting together all the recipes we've used so far at the race track into a little book for all my girlfriends to have....Maybe I'll post a few of our favorites here...what do you think? Would you like to see how we eat in the pit area?


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