I'd Like to Introduce you to Martha Betty Stewart-Crocker

I've talked before about how much I cook for race day, and it's not a trial by any means, in fact I love it. I love the sense of community it's created in our pit area, it's brought a bunch of us together in a way that only food can and I am just giddy about it! Lots of people contribute and everyone has fun, which is really why we are all out there...(boys are you reading this?) I love that I cook for the people out there and that when I come home from the track it's all gone. (if you know racers you know it's almost impossible to get them to eat anything on race day) At least once a day while we are out there people ask if I have a tip jar so they can help contribute. I don't. It's not something that I'm 100% comfortable with asking people for money,  however everyone says I need one so Voila! I made one.....My crafty side reared it's glitter bedazzled head and took me to Michaels for some supplies.....Ever observe someone walking around clearly out of their element? That's me in Michaels. I can hit the yarn corner like nobody's business and maybe wander in the paints and sketch books for a while and maybe even pay a call on the frame department, but the minute you move me into the glitter paint, stickers, scrapbooking supplies and paper I am a fish out of water, and literally I was flopping around there just trying to land in a place that felt like I belonged....I think about scrapbooking, I have friends who do it, and they are amazing at it (Megan) and to be honest I love all the goods that go with scrapbooking. The paper, the embellishments, the stickers, the cases to carry it all in, but at the end of the day, it's not my thing, but I have a nice healthy respect for it and can see where it could get me in trouble. So here goes.......I spent a good hour wandering around Michaels and found a clear plastic paint can....I thought about an old fashioned glass jar but Glass in the Pits is forbidden so that was a no. After I settled on the paint can, I wandered around the stickers....Tried to find race cars but couldn't (which was surprising) But I found appropriate stickers and then got busy.....
First you take 1 clear plastic paint can then visit the scrapbooking paper aisle and pick out this beautiful textured red, fit it inside the can as a nice back-drop.

All decorating supplies should include Glitter Paint and Jewel Stickers

I found some foodie quote sticker that I strategically placed all around. (looks nice against the red doesn't it?)

Then I found some 3-d chef stickers, like a chefs hat, whisk, frying pan, etc

Some sticky glitter foam that I cut to fit the inside of the lid and then went to town with the glitter paint...Even I am impressed that I stopped here because honestly it could have gone on for a long time...

the new 'Everything but the Kitchen Sink' tip Jar
All Monies collected will be used for a celebrational party at the end of the racing season at which I will not be cooking.   
Tipping is not required for eating.
Come to the 21 Pit when you are at the speedway
Hang out, Eat Well, and Have Fun!


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