Ma!! I Found the Broomstick Handles!

Who would have thought that I would ever knit with size 35 needles? My mom gave me these sticks 10 years ago when I first started knitting. To say it's awkward is being kind...They look like clown knitting needles but I had to pull them out. Actually I knew where one was but had to find the other because I use it to get Gabby's balls out from under the couch :)
Aside from the size these are weird because I am a circular knitting needle user for everything (except socks, I use DPN's for those) and these are straight...I feel like I did in Kindergarten or Preschool when they taught us how to hold our pencils and the pencils we used for that were HUGE, I still have an odd affection for those pencils by the way...
So here goes (again)
I cast on with my Paris yarn yesterday and knit thru a whole skein of it on size 17's and it was too stiff so I ripped it all out today and have done a provisional cast-on, Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic has a great turtorial on it found here.
At first I tossed on 21 stitches and then realized that WOW that is way to many so I ripped it again and re-cast on 15...
Let me take a minute and say this about Bouton d'Or yarn, it's got stamina and resilience and has tolerated about 10 rippings and still looks amazing...I think it's getting fussed with me though and probably wishing I'd pick a lesser yarn to try and get the knitting mojo back on track...sorry Bouton, you are the one and you will be knit...
So for some reference for knitters out there who have gone faint at the sight of size 15 needles here are the needles I am working on right now...
this was when I had about 21 stitches on the's always bunched at the cast on so I knew I'd be in trouble after I knit a few rows....

My thumb as a reference point

So since I appear to have a touch of the flu, it's raining in my neck of the woods and it's a lazy Sunday the dogs and I are going to hunker down and crank out this cowl....I'll post a picture later :)


Megan said…
HOLY COW are those HUGE needles! I hope giant knitting helps you get your knitting mojo back. I know how it feels to loose your desire to do a favorite hobby.

A "Pam-ism" for you..."Sometimes you just need to DO something and the desire and motivation will come after you start. So just start it and see what happens."

You'll get your mojo back - I know you will.

Love you hon!

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