Post Race Day Crash...

I've said before that race day is a long day. A really long day, especially when we get to the track at 11:00 which means we leave at 9:45 and stand in line for a while till they open the pit gate. It's a flurry of activity, unloading all the stuff, the car, the tool boxes, the table, tent etc. Get the trailer parked, get the car to tech, run for an electrical outlet so we can have power in the pit area, save spaces for friends to pit next to us, etc,.
Then begins, going over the car, getting D into his driver suit and into the car for practice, make sure he gets enough water, and making sure that people eat a little bit. It's a long day, but it's filled with fun. I adore the friends I have at the track and I love making sure that everyone is happy (something I've done my whole life, just ask my mom)
Yesterday was a good day for us...Well it was kind of funny and D got pretty fired up when he was putting his race tires on and realized he put the front tires on the wrong side and then had to hurry scurry to get them corrected before the last practice session, he didn't make it because apparently he changed the offset of the tire and the wheel was rubbing against something and making a horrific he had to pull the tires off and have them all switched to new wheels, there was some yelling, which resulted in me walking away from him and then it was time to qualify and we had our 'discussion' as I was buckling him in...apparently I need to do this more often before he qualifies because he set a new track record on the 3/8th's. 18.718 seconds! It was set three times in the qualifying session between D, Molly Helmuth, and Scott LaCross. D had the final say though and that's awesome! If you don't know, setting a track record is a big's hard to do and some track records have held for years before they get broken again, like the one last night. The main event
didn't go so well but we finished the race and only put a hole in the front right of the fender and cut down a tire...I of course made a ton of food for everyone and it was a hit apparently...I didn't bring any home which is always a good sign! I made cheeseburger sandwiches, macaroni and cheese salad (mom, you shudder but it was a favorite for everyone) The raspberry lemonade jello cake was a hit, Britany brought some delicious cheesecake brownies, muffin bread, and fresh fruit salad...We used the tip jar last night and collected really a lot of money towards our end of the year party and I want to thank everyone because, really it stunned me when I cracked the Tip Jar open last night and saw what had been given. All of you are awesome, generous, and the nicest people I've ever met! We're going to have a great party at the end of the season...It's already being planned!! So, since I appear to be rambling and I'm sure my mom has quite reading by now, here are some photos from last night in just as random an order as my thoughts...
Thanks for reading!!

line up for the main event

packed and ready to go..this is my food/supply box that I always bring to the track, my crockpot is on the floor there with my tennis shoes on top...

I did get a little knitting time in on Fatima's wedding shawl, I sent this picture to her while she was sitting in her pit area and she came over quick like a bunny rabbit to see it! xoxo Fati

can't go to the races without getting a little face time with Damien! He's growing so fast. Here he is pictured with his Aunt Hailey wearing his noise cancelling headphones so the SuperStocks don't hurts his little ears.

Funny boys Nick and Aaron. Nick is part of my brother in law Marks crew and he is a huge help to D and I, Aaron crews for Molly Helmuth

D during qualifying


Kelly said…
The food you made sounds amazing, and great photos! Love Damien's sweet little face. : )
Carmelknits said…
Thanks Kelly! I'm compiling all the recipes I've made and will be making this season into a little book I'll give out to friends...I'll shoot a copy to you via email when it's all done :)
Lisa Miller said…
You are simply amazing! Always look forward to seeing you at the track.... thanks for making sure everyones well fed, especially the boys.

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