a conversation....betwen D and I

Me: What is this wonderful gift you left for me this morning? (see photo to the left)

D: Parts from a real racing car....

Me: Who's (i love teasing him before 7:30 a.m. really gets his day off to a good start)

D: ours...

Clearly not amused by my funny...at least not as much as I was :)

Photo by Mike Helmuth
It is another race weekend and the final countdown to the end of the season. Only four races remain including tomorrows...It's a been a rough season for the CarmelKnits race car but one that has been filled with fun, friends, and a ton of good food! I have the menu planned out for tomorrow not to mention a spanking new white board in the trailer to write it all out (thanks Roger and Aaron for putting that in...) If you live in the Seattle area come out to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe help cheer us on!!

The arm: Earlier in the week it looked as though my knitting days were coming to an end but with diligent icing and absolutely no knitting at all (till yesterday) the pain has subsided to a reasonable twinge and I am able to soldier on and get Fatima's shawl closer to being done.

Have a wonderful Friday!


Kelly said…
Glad your wrist is feeling better!

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