Jell-O Pie...

I venture upon this post with some trepidation. My mom is probably reading the title shaking her head thinking...'you can take the girl out of Minnesota but you can't take the Minnesota out of the girl' but my mom loves pie and I think if presented she would enjoy this as much as I did yesterday... It's super easy and you can find the recipe here.

first you make your Jell-O and add the cool whip, let it set in the fridge for 20-30 minutes

Spoon or pour (if you get impatient like I did and didn't let it set long enough) into a premade graham cracker crust pie tin and return to the refridgerator, now go and lick the bowls...(not that I do that)

After 4 hours your will look better than this but I could only hold out for three and a half hours before cutting into it! Serve this refreshing treat up with fresh berries and cool whip on top...

You know what he's thinking right? 1. You HAVE Jell-O pie and I have NO Jell-O pie, 2. I'm not even allowed in the bed and you're eating in it.
I did eat this in bed because I was smack in the middle of a Criminal Minds Episode and at one point I almost tossed my Jell-O pie across the room, which the dogs would have enjoyed.  

while waiting for the Jello-O pie to set up or not as the case may have been, I cracked out a few more repeats on Fatima's shawl.. One skein of Lace Weight down, at least one more to go...need to do some winding tonight.


Julie said…
a pie like that looks perfect for the hot weather we've been having! and that shawl looks beautiful.
Carmel said…
Thanks Julie! The pie is very refreshing!

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