If you are a knitter then you know of or attended in person Sock Summit 2011 in Portland this past weekend. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I, living a piddly 3.5 hours away, did not attend. I have a few reasons for not going and I suppose an argument could be made for me not be the knitter my stash claims me to be but let me see if I can give it a shot.

1. Dale had a race. He probably would have been able to muster thru without me but I am his pit crew so I have a responsibility to him.
2. I don't really knit socks anymore despite my undying love for sock yarn which is beautiful and I will collect forever, I've really fallen off the sock knitting bandwagon.
3. I have CIS 'crowd irritation syndrome' I hate crowds, I hate trying to make my way thru crowds. I become incredibly testy, mean, and nasty in a crowded store when I see someone who clearly would never wear that shade of pink that i've been searching my life for, that is the last one in production, the woman not only touches it but buys it as well...
4. I enjoy knitters a lot but based on #3, I'm sure I'm not the only one and should just one other person out there be like me that's just one more person with a sharp pointy stick in a crowd than I am comfortable with...
HOWEVER! I have Marcy and her daughter Michelle who revel in all that is Sock Summit. They went the first year and they went this year. Lucky me Marcy picked me up a skein of The Plucky Knitter's Sock Yarn in her new green, OZ.. Not to mention she also picked me up some fun little goodies that I am very excited about!!
Thanks Marcy and Michelle for braving the crowds and fighting the group that I know was in the Plucky booth and would have had me lying in the fetal position in a corner of the convention center fingering a rogue skein of merino while chewing on my thumb.

The Yarn! Color: Oz

New sticker for Ghetto Jepeto it'll cover up that new dent in the bumper...

It's possible that two out of three of these are true...

Best of all...mini crochet hook that goes on your key chain!

Thanks again Marcy! I love all the goods you brought back!!


Kelly said…
I have CIS, too! I at first felt sad I can't go (like, until Nathan's in his 20s), but when I heard that 6,000 people went -- and they did this goofy flash mob -- I stopped feeling bad.

I don't think being around so many knitters (or any other person, for that matter) is my bag. If you didn't see the flash mob video on the Yarn Harlot's blog yesterday, go look at it. I could only take 23 seconds of it.
Carmel said…
Kelly...I did see the flash mob video and a picture of it on Bitches Get Stitches...it was hilarious! I would definitely consider making the trip down, get there early, shoot in, shoot out and go find a nice pub in portland for fondling the yarn but that's it :)

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