advanced apology...

Is what I did last night. My friend Alyssa who I met on the Breast Cancer 3-Day and who was my tent mate is having a baby. (remember I told you that I'm surrounded by family and friends having babies right now) Well, with the wedding shawl, the knitters elbow, some WIP's, I just haven't gotten into the baby knitting groove again...It's coming I know it is, but knowing that Alyssa know's I knit, that I think she might follow my blog, she see's photos on Facebook, I had to email her last night and let her know that while I have many wonderful things planned for Baby K, they will not be at the baby shower. I felt like a forewarning was required based on all the posts and pictures of baby stuff I knit for Peanut, Damien, and Mr. Oliver...
What helps is that Alyssa and I are both on Pinterest so I see the stuff she is pinning for baby k in the knitwear department and I've collected a little file for him...Are you on Pinterest? If you aren't you should be because it's amazing! I have found many many wonderful things on there to do with the home, clothing, and recipes....

I know you are all waiting for the Nacho Getter pattern but I need to clarify the story first and finish writing out the pattern which I plan on doing tonight...I'll post it along with a better photo of the mitts tonight or tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow is Fatima's Wedding and we'll get to see the shawl in action! I can't wait...Then D has football, I have a baby shower, and then next week is our anniversary! Oh and Sunday night I'm making a very special treat for a work pot luck! If you were at Evergreen Speedway last Saturday you tried them...Mom you were horrified by them but I bet if they were on your counter you couldn't resist... Stay Tuned for that!
Happy Friday all


Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead! Looking forward to seeing the shawl in action!

p.s. I ordered yarn today for a stole for myself! Thanks for the push to do it!

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