a favorite thing....

Every day I listen to the tbtl podcast. It's produced locally and the two host keep me fully entertained on a daily basis...It was while listening to this podcast that one of the hosts, Luke Burbank, told everyone his breakfast order one day. Fried Eggs on a mixed green salad with toast.
My ears perked up, mostly because I love eggs and toast for breakfast and the thought of adding a side salad intrigued me...but it's not a salad on the side it's so much more...so. much. more.
When I first heard about it I couldn't get it out of my head.....then I made it.

it's delicious

Fry up some eggs so the yokes are runny
Toast some really good bread
put some salad greens and baby spinach in a bowl and toss with a champagne vinagrette
(you bailed at the runny eggs but trust me fry the eggs how you like, i like my yokes runny)
put some tomato and chopped avocado in your salad
Put fried eggs on top (it'll wilt a little or a lot depending on how you take to eat)
Serve with toast on the side
D is horrified by this breakfast.
I don't care
I eat it when he's not around....
sometimes I eat it for dinner

think about it for a while I'll be you get a craving for it soon too :)

And since D is not home tonight guess what I had for dinner?

i overcooked my eggs but it was still delicious...


Megan said…
I would eat this! Humm....we're out of eggs. Must run to the store.
Carmel said…
It's so good! I use the Girard's Champagne Vinagrette on it...

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