*K2 P2 T3B T3F C5B KUD* Repeat from Star....


K2: Knit two
P2: Purl two
T3B: Twist three back
T3F: Twist three front
C5B: Cable five back
KUD: Knit Upside Down (not really part of the instructions just more of a feeling)

do all of this above with some simple slipping of stitches as we as some good old stabilizing rounds (knit all stitches in pattern without twisting, cabling, or downward dogging) you to can create this....
Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting
The link to purchase the pattern is here it's also the link to purchase all her patterns which I own most of now...so catch up!
and did you also know...She collaborated with Hannah Fettig and together they created this....
Alana lives on the west coast and Hannah is on the east coast

Photo from Never Not Knitting

You can order the book here
The patterns look amazing and why wouldn't they...the designers themselves are amazing!
That's it for now, I have to go clean the peanut butter off my sleeve!

arm still damaged, calling the doctor today.
i promise


Kelly said…
It's beautiful!!! Love your colorful instructions. : )
Carmel said…
Thanks Kelly!! it's blocking on a dinner plate now! Back to my sugar and cream cowl and then a nice shawl for me....

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