Love Is....

When a pattern begins to take shape. It's what I love about this beret pattern. It gives so much after just a few much so that when you know you should put it down and go to sleep you instead push play for one more episode of Criminal Minds (yes I'm still on that kick) and crack out more rounds...Sadly I kept that up till about 11:00 p.m. last night and if I didn't have to be at the office in the morning I probably would have knit thru the night or at least until D ripped the yarn and needles from my cramped little hands.

I've had a minor major setback on the old Knitters Elbow...Just when I thought it was getting better, WHAMMO instant pain that hasn't gone away. Brace is back on, a few pain relievers have made their way down my hatch and the knitting keeps moving on. As long as I wear my brace while I'm knitting it doesn't hurt, stop knitting and try to pick something up like a pint glass of water it can't be done. So I'll probably have to make another Dr. appt and possibly get another shot, maybe have a release done which would mean a lot of shots, a small incision and the possibility that I will take up decoupage to fill in for knitting during recovery....lets not go down that route because I think we all know that once I learn decoupage everything will be decoupaged and right now I'm having too much fun just saying decoupage. Say it with me DE COU PAAAAGE! The art of taking something boring and making it awesome! (Mom, stop shaking your head at me and call you daughter...)

Happy Monday :)

it's not Monday



Happy Day in the Week that's not Monday!

P.S. the Pattern is the Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dakos knit with Sublime DK on Size 6 needles....Shanna's going to swoon when she gets her hands on it!


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