aka: Work In Progress
Cream & Sugar Cowl
Plucky Merino Fingering Weight
Color  Oz (can you guess why it's called Oz?)
I'm still working on the 1.5 inches of 2x2 ribbing for the base. I'm not knitting slow although I may be logging fewing knitting hours as of late but not by much. However 2x2 ribbing in a fingering weight yarn does not a fast project make and I just keep knitting and it slowly grows longer. Soon, I think, I'll start the cables. Maybe? Hopefully today....but probably tomorrow. I love the yarn, it's simply amazing and feels so nice to the touch, I'm pretty sure I'll wear the beegee's out of this thru the fall, winter, spring, and probably next summer if it's anything like June and July was this summer here in the Northwest.

After this I have to, HAVE to knit some baby stuff, finish some baby stuff, and wrap some baby stuff because they don't cook forever (thank goodness) and the way time is moving they will be here before I know it!
Happy Tuesday


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