could I look any happier?

Probably not.
Flattering? Definitely not
But scroll down and you will find
a picture of me that can not be defined
I'm pleased as punch
not pickled at all
and all that I'm holding is a knit cashmere shawl

(this little poem was completely unplanned)

this picture is from the Yarn Harlot and you can see the full post of knitters in seattle here
could I look any happier? I'm so freaking happy with myself that my eyes are slammed shut...
Holy Lord.......Just knowing how many people follow her every day makes me giggle maniacally as I think of how many people are looking at this picture right now...Hopefully all they see is the shawl, if not then maybe they will be distracted by the cowl or the fact that my right hand is apparently flipping off a security camera, nice touch.
You can't take me anywhere.

You're having one of those proud moments aren't you?
Oh well, at least I didn't jump over a log again.

Happy Friday


You're FAMOUS now!!!!!! I think it's a great photo. : )
Megan said…
Carmel - you look just fine. Yes your eyes are 'slammed shut' but your smile is great. It shows how excited you are. Besides like you said...everyone will be drooling over the cashmere shawl anyways! :)

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