Finished Objects...

It was a busy weekend knitting wise and otherwise, to say the least.
I managed to crank out a couple projects that have been on the needles and get them off. I once again reorganized my stash and almost had a brief nutty because of just how much yarn I have. Honestly, I have zero business shopping for yarn in a yarn shop or online. That doesn't mean I don't check every day or so...D was around for my nutty and told me to suck it up and keep knitting...(maybe not in so many words, but I think that was where he was going with it)
So here we go:
Finished Objects
1. Faraway, So Close
    Designer: Carina Spencer, you can check out her website here
    Yarn: Cashmere for the green (not sure of the brand) and the purple edge was Trilly from Filatura di Crossa (also cashmere but sadly discontinued)
    This pattern was so much fun to knit up. It's always changing and giving you something different to do which I think is why it went so fast for me. I need to weave in some tails and block it but for now I'm just admiring it, touching it, and stash diving for more stuff to make another.
    Happy Meter: Thrilled, absolutely thrilled.

2. Gap-tastic
    Designer: Jen Geigley - you can find the pattern here
    Yarn: Cascade Venezia Bulky Merino/Silk
    Happy Meter: Smitten for sure. I think this is my new go to fall/winter piece.
I've made this before, I made it for Margie last year at Christmas and she wears it all the time which is a true to statement to how versatile and wonderful it is! She even lets Rupert borrow it from time to time, I think he needs a red one though :)

3. Garbage Can Potatoes!
    Yes my garbage can potato project was a success! I think all in all we dug up about 5lbs of potatoes and they are wonderful! Sunday we roasted some for dinner, last night I mashed some, tonight? Pan fry? Bake? who knows? What I do know is they are delicious and they were so easy to grow!

4. Beets!
    D can do away with the beets but let me tell you, these beets were the best things I've ever tasted. They were so incredibly sweet and they were so beautiful in their colors and texture! Definitely growing these again next year. I grew them in 3 pots on my back deck! Quintus and Gabby love the beets as well. I bought them from this seller on can find the link by clicking here

I have a few works in progress going on as well, I'm almost done with Miss E's hoot hat, just need to finish my decreases and find some buttons for the eyes.
I cast on yesterday at lunch for the Bandana cowl by Purl SOHO and I'm only a few rows away from being done with that as well! See? This color is hard to photograph in my bedroom with my phone but for reference, it's the same yarn as the Gap-tastic cowl up above. You can find the pattern link here

We finally turned the fireplace on in the living room this Sunday morning...Gabby has found a new place that she loves to be close to...Every time I glanced over at her she was inching closer and closer until she was full on the tiles of the fireplace, which I discovered get very very warm...Her and I might begin a little rumble for position... 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

p.s. If you aren't on Pinterest yet you should be. It's quite simply the best sight ever for inspriation, ideas, laughs, and remembering where you found something that you wanted to remember but couldn't. Create an account at Pinterest and you'll never lose something you wanted to find on the internet again!


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