Finished Objects...

Maybe it's something in the air...hard to say. It is fall, maybe I'm nesting for winter by finshing all these warm wooly items. Either way, they seem to be flying off my needles at a rate that even amazes me. So here goes!

Bandana Cowl by Purl SoHo... click here for pattern.
Yarn: Scozia Print Cashmere Super Bulky
Needle: Size 11
Joy: Crazy Happy with it!
Model: Mr. Brown

Smocked Slouch by Jill Zilenski...Ravelry link is here 
Price: $5.00 for the pdf file.
Yarn: Cashmere (Forget the company)
Dark Navy Blue:
Extremely happy wtih this one.
This is a gift for Margie
She's already seen it
I think she's pleased.

Who? Hat by Sara Amoroso. Free Pattern Link here
Yarn: Sublime Merino Cashmere Silk
Size 5 Needle
I had to fudge a little on the decrease but it all worked out in the end.
I pulled out my jar of vintage buttons and had so much fun finding these to put on it!
This is a hat for Ms. E's first birthday. She will be doing a photo shoot in my mom's woodland near Minneapolis so I'll post a photo of that as soon as I see them.

If you want to see all my projects that I've finished in this month you can hop on over to my friend Mary's site Americas Knitting, click here, and you can scroll thru all of them that she has posted! Thanks Mary for creating this site! I love it! 


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to wear that cap! Thanks so much!
Carmel said…
it's going in the mail today!

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