In the Wee Hours of the Morning...

I was laying in bed beating my snooze button to death after a late night of knitting mixed with Criminal Minds when I heard a noise. It was distinct and it was in the house. My stomach fluttered a bit but I hit snooze again and dozed off when I heard another noise that sounded like something was trying to take the stick out of the back door…then I heard a rustling and thought, well this is it, I’ve had a good run. Meanwhile my husband was sleeping like an angel beside me. I get up, I rustle up the dogs, trying to get them to go ahead of me down the stairs to the living room and kitchen like they do every day, today they were happy to just bounce along behind me while I forged bravely ahead ready to take on whatever serial killer, sadist, psycho I would find.

I found nothing, but I was pretty riled up so I did a secondary check anyway. Everything was the same. Nothing rattled, stick still in the door, not a sound.

I let the dogs out, they come back in, start demanding their food, as I walk towards the pantry and reach for the door the music from JAWS starts playing….

It’s possible I wet myself but I won’t confirm that for anyone.

It was my alarm on my cell phone. I forgot to turn it off.

I won’t make that mistake again.


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