October 27, 2011

Mark this day down because it's going to be epic.
The Yarn Harlot is on her book tour and today, TODAY she lands in Seattle for a book signing at Third Place Books. You can read her blog here  and the link for Third Place books is here
Yes I'm going
Yes I am bringing stuff to show her
I'm also bringing her a bottle of Porter from Scuttlebutt

Why is this going to be epic?
I'm nervous and when I get nervous I turn into a foolio...Just ask D
I babble
I freak out a little
I talk faster than normal all in babble talk
I try to plan an exit strategy in case I have a complete freak out and feel the need to make a run for it.
I smile like a delusional idiot the entire time which I think will probably make her nervous and cause security to inch a little closer as I approach her table (please don't taze me when I reach into my bag for her gift, it really is just a bottle of porter)
and then to really top it all off I usually trip and stumble as I walk away....still wtih the idiot grin on my face

However, I'll be doing a write up on the whole event for America's Knitting so stay tuned!

Many thanks in advance to D for coming with me and surrounding himself with knitters for his whole Thursday evening, I know he'd rather be anywhere else but there...

So if you are in the Seattle area and didn't know she was here come on up....they have restaurants at the bookstore so you can actually have a nosh, drink some beer and goggle at how many knitters turn out for an event like this.

I'll be the foolio probably wearing every single thing I ever knit because I couldn't choose just one......Yup, it wouldn't be the first time I've walked out the door looking like I yarn bombed myself. (definitely won't be the last)

The dogs say hi...


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