If I had to pick one month in the year that was my favorite October would be it. I love everything about it.
At the beginning of the month you still have a shot at Indian Summer, but the nights are starting to get chilly.
The trees start turning from their green to explosive oranges, yellows, and reds.
The days get shorter, it makes more sense to start eating more soup and stew, not to mention making them. October is when I start cozying up to winter.
Sweaters, Hats, Scarves, Cowls, Mitts, Heavy Socks, and Blankets.
Early weekend mornings in front of the fireplace with the dogs knitting and drinking coffee....
Plus it's pumpkin season and I don't know about you but I could go to the pumpkin patch every weekend starting October first. Not only that, if its pumpkin I'll eat it. In Italy in 2007 we had pumpkin ravioli, i thought I had died and gone to heaven. However, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are disgusting. Bottom line. I know people love them, they count down the days till they can order one at the coffee stand, but really people, I think they taste like vomit, and that's being nice.
I not only by pumpkins, I buy fresh root vegetables, pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter, fresh canned Dilly Beans, Fresh Pickles, Strawberry Syrup, strawberry rhubarb jame, Chocolate Milk from a local farm (to go with the pumpkin bread), and I always get a hot spiced cider from the vendor at the farm.
We pet the goats, we pet the pigs, I cluck at the chickens and quack at the ducks.

I buy Halloween decorations at the pumpkin farm as well.

My headstones are my favorite.

A few years back my friend Amy and I were going to the pumpkin patch. D got a little upset that I was going with Amy and not him, I said, we can go tomorrow (see above). That was not acceptable, of course all I had been talking about the whole week was going to the pumpkin patch with Amy and he finally told me Saturday (the day of) that it bothered him. We worked it out before I left but I was still a tiny bit riled up about it.
Amy and I stopped at Skagit Brewery for lunch. On our way out I ordered a growler of beer to take home to D, and then off we went to the pumpkin patch where I found the headstone on the right.

You know I had to buy it right?
My mom thought it was hilarious.
D did not see so much humor in it.
When I got home, I stuck it in the front lawn and put his growler in front of it. (it was a form of an apology)
I was pretty pleased with myself.
Scratch that
I was extremely pleased with myself
D still didn't find it as funny as I did
Mom still thinks it's funny
and every year when I put it out in the yard I chuckle...

the next year he got his payback...

do you think he was trying to tell me something?


That's so great! I love fall and going to the pumpkin patch, too. We went to the local farm twice in one week for pumpkins and a hayride. It was awesome! It's still pretty warm on the east coast, so I'm waiting for it to get a little cooler here.... but the leaves are getting pretty!

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