As many of you saw yesterday I finally posted the pattern for the Nacho Getter's.
Not only did I post it here, I posted it on Ravelry here. So just give me a moment to continue my happy dance at seeing MY pattern under the heading 'Recently Added Patterns'...and my name listed as a designer, it feels a bit like a hoax, like i've fooled everyone into believing something that can possibly be true, but it is and it's up to me to keep it going right?
Not only that, 7 people have added it to their queue's!
I hope it's good.
It's a little piece of me that I sent out into the knitterly world not knowing for sure if it was 100% prepared but knowing that it's good enough to hold it's own in the big knitting universe. 
It's given me enough of a thrill that I'm ready to type up and post some of the other item's I've created this past year and to also begin the process of creating more wonderful things...I just have to remembe a few things;

I can do it. 
I can create it. 
I can make it take the shape I want it to have. 
I can set it free and watch how the world of knitting accepts it. 
It's an adventure, that's for sure, that comes with a mild little wrench in the gut, hoping it's good enough and that people find the joy in them that I did.

Happy Wednesday Monday (wow, clearly I have no idea what day it is)


lilibethsgarden said…
Way to go! The Rav page looks great!
Carmel said…
Thank you so much!! I'm super excited!

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