A Shawl and a Rant....

It's no secret that I go thru bouts of not being able to get to sleep so instead I stay up in knit. However this doesn't change what time I get up in the morning, or what time the dogs want me up in the morning. I could fall asleep at 1:00 and the dogs would be rearing to go starting at 4:30 a.m. I'm blaming my need to stay up late this week on the shawl I'm knitting. I'm almost done. It's almost to 403 stitches on the needle, it literally takes me one hour to work 5 rows and as I'm looking at the ruffle on the shawl I'm thinking to myself, 'I really could make this wider' and thus a conversation between my knitting side and my reasonable side. It got ugly and I just kept knitting while trying to beat down my voice of reason.

I'm a little bit further on the ruffle than this photo shows....I think I am going to add that next ball of Trilly because honestly people, on can never have enough cashmere in one shawl right?

p.s. to the maker of the green balls of cashmere...Granted I didn't spend the crazy price on the label as this was a gift from my mom, you should be ashamed of how many knots I hit while knitting just ONE ROW of the shawl. FOUR TIMES I had to stop, untie what you had knotted, and do a fresh join on my yarn.
I expect this from some less expensive balls of yarn but I can honestly tell you that in all my years of knitting I've never hit a knot in my Cascade 220, NOT ONE and then you, you pricey little gem, give me four!
Not Acceptable. Now I have 4x's more tails to weave in and I truly hate weaving in tails, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DIDN'T NEED TO BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Glad I got that off my chest.

Happy Thursday!


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