The Wedding...

Fatima and Michael were married on Saturday 10/1/11.
It was a beautiful ceremony and Fatima looked amazing.
The reception was wonderful! Fatima worked so hard putting all of this together and it turned out amazing.
I'm pretty sure I did my best to drink all the 14 Hands Chardonnay the country club had on hand, and I danced for most of the night. I'm still sore today but everyone had a wonderful time! Fatima wore the shawl for her outdoor photos because it was pretty cool out in the afternoon. I was able to snap a few photos of them before she made her entrance into the ballroom for dinner.
Isn't she beautiful?
They are so happy.

I can see my mistake in this photo...EEEK!


She looks beautiful! And your shawl is beautiful and adds to her overall gorgeousness. Great job!
Julie said…
her wedding shawl looks so lovely!! I can't see the mistake, if it makes you feel any better- I was staring hard at that photo, too.

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