Winding Down...

At some point this month I declared October 'Knit for Me Month'.
I might have said it outloud but I don't recall.
It's not that I don't like knitting for others, in fact, looking back on the month quite a few of the things knit really ended up with other people...
Well, October is winding down and November is looming ahead with so much happening my head has already started spinning on it's axis.
My brother and nephew are arriving in a few days for the weekend. Birds never been to Seattle and told my brother he wanted to see the Space Needle. So you can imagine I'm pretty excited to see the both of them.
The So Much Yarn knitting retreat is coming up the following weekend so I will be there knitting my little heart out for 3 days...again, as you can imagine I'm pretty stoked about that.
Following that my mom and her friend arrive the Sunday before for Thanksgiving...I'm REALLY excited about her visit...Living so far from home means I don't get to see my family nearly as often as I like so whenevern the opportunity arrives I am ecstatic.

Well here I am on this blustery Sunday afternoon while D is headed for the Seahawks game, about ready to declare November 'All about Baby Month'
I have a new niece and a new nephew arriving shortly, not to mention a very dear friend is welcoming her first baby after the first of the year...I have a lot of baby stuff to crank out in the next few weeks. I have a start on some but not nearly what I want to have done...

This gives me one more day to complete my current project. Another Smocked Slouch in Dream in Color Classy for me (I hope)

Stay Tuned I'll post a photo tomorrow.

happy sunday


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