Finished Object x's two

Purperium Sweater
Happy Feet DK
Turtle Buttons
Turned out amazing...I've just been waiting for the perfect buttons... and the perfect baby to put in the sweater...

which brings us to the second Finished Object

photo courtesy of Mom & Dad

Little Boy
William Robert
Joined our family 11/26/2011

For months now you've heard me referring to Bump...I would like to introduce you to him. Blog meet Bump, Bump meet the World. I think he's perfect He's simply wonderful and I couldn't be happier for my brother and sister-in-law (who is doing great by the way)

Welcome to the family Little Dude! We can't wait to see you and cuddle with you!


I realized this two days late -- he has the same birthday as my Nathan!!!! : )
Julie said…
aww, congrats on becoming an auntie!! what a little sweetheart.
Carmel said…
Thank you! He's so adorable!!

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