Finished Object:

Smocked Slouch V
Designer: Jill Zilenski
Yarn: Tweedy Cashmere by Filatura di Crossa (let me double check because I could just be making that up...)
Look at that I was right....(just checked Ravelry)
Needle: Size 7
Time it took: probably about 1 day of knitting off and on.
Modification: I shortened the number of rounds between increases from 6 to 3. I find that regular slouch is pretty slouchy and have never made the super slouchy version but for smaller heads, decreasing the rows between increase rows makes it perfect. Plus it still fits my big nugget nicely!

Like is said in my post Saturday this is for a friend who I went to Elementary school with (go St. Louise!!)
I attended one semester of high school with her before we moved to Minneapolis and then lost touch, which happens...Thanks to FB and social networking we reconnected and thus she sent me a special request to knit a hat.
Her bus duty hat is complete and ready to make its way to Portland.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled knitting for November...all about the babies.

Happy Monday


Julie said…
cute hat! I love smocking stitch, it's nice as a brim.

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