Finished Object:

Baby Feeties by Anne Sahakian
It's a free pattern on Ravelry you can find it here 
Uses a minimal amount of worsted weight yarn.
size five needles
takes about 1.5 hours
I love these. I love carrying them around in my pocket when I am done knitting and showing them to people. They visibly melt when they see them.
I have some suggested rules for wear,
since I don't know that they will stay on very well, my recommendation is that they are worn in the home and lounging around on Sunday mornings instead of out for the Sunday morning jog to the dog park.

but they are adorable and I imagine there will be more made before the babies arrive.

Here are some final details:
the Tweedy Cashmere by Filatura di Crossa are for Bump.
the pink merino by Malabrigo are for Miss A.

I hope they enjoy them as much as I think their parents will.

It's possible that I looked for a long time yesterday to find a baby to try them on for me... but I was afraid that I would have to leave them with the baby and knit another pair (not a hardship by anymeans but I haven't reached the point in my knitting life where I randomly bestow knit booties on babies in my office waiting room, maybe next year)

Tell me what you think...


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