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Little A's Frost Flower Tee is coming along. I finished the first 24 rows of the lace chart which is very easy to understand...That being said, when I'm knitting across the lace panel I read the instructions outloud to myself just so I don't lose track of which spot I am in...The dogs don't mind it, they probably think that I am reading them a story...
"and next, K2tog, YO, P2, K3, Backflip, SSK K4, K K K"

Best story line ever.

Basically I need to do one more repeat before separating for the arms...sounds ominous doesn't it? Maybe I should read ahead make sure I'm smart enough to pull this off...

Speaking of the dogs (you guys knew I had dogs right?LOL)
Back when we first adopted Gabby she would always get up with me and Quintus would stay in their bed nice and warm. He would eventually come down for breakfast and then mosy on back upstairs and go to sleep. Well, this was fine until I had to get them to go outside again before leaving for work...Gabby made that all easier and she loved having a job to do. She would sit at the top of the stairs and when I said 'Gabby, go get your brother' She would turn and CHARGE down the hallway and bonsai Mr. Brown (Quintus) causing him to get up. He would stumble down the hall half asleep and possibly grumpy

Bless him, he never thought it was my fault.

It eventually reached a point where he would here me say the words, I would see him eyeball me a little, and just as Gabby turned to make her charge he would be up and rolling down the hall....
Well, we haven't played this game for a few years now, that is, until this morning.
Mr. Brown has taken to going back to sleep in what used to be my knitting chair and he sinks into the cushion, curls up and you need a crowbar to get him out of it, or apparently you just need Gabby.

This morning as I was fruitlessly trying to get him to move, shaking the cushion, semi-yelling at him to move his big arse, I looked up and said 'Gabby get your brother'

Holy Smokes! She charge the chair, JUMPED and landed right on top of him then jumped off!

She was extremely happy with herself.
Me, I was happy with her too.

He's not speaking to us.


Great knitting! And funny story about your dogs. Today I was amazed at how much Nathan can remember at his young age.... I guess dogs are no different! : ) Did I just compare my son to a dog? Yes. I think I did. If the shoe fits... Woof. : )
Carmel said…
That's hilarious! I don't find anything wrong with comparing Nathan to a dog! Our boxers are our kids with the exception that Q likes to be spanked :) LOL

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