Post Retreat in Pictures...

I've finally crashed.
I get super excited for this retreat every year...(see the post from Friday Morning)
I knit late into the nights
Get up before anyone on vacation rightfully should (p.s. I'm not the only one who does this on the retreats)
Knit in my room till 5:30 a.m.
Wander into the main living room because the coffee has been put out by then, and talk with the other knitters who wake before the sun like moi.
Suck down more coffee than I probably should and settle in for a day of knitting broken up by wandering thru town looking for lunch, and then again for dinner.
So here are some photos I took with my phone around Langley and my knitting...

Leaving Mukilteo on the Ferry....this is the Mukilteo Lighthouse

Pretty pile of leaves on the sidewalk

the fall colors were in full glory around town...

I walked past this little deck alley when I was strolling thru town. I was completely alone on the street at this moment. I walked past, stopped, got my camera app ready, stepped backwards and as they were making their way towards me, I snapped the picture and it's possible I did a little run to get away, about a block later I looked back and one was peeking around the corner at me...

I didn't realize I had set my knitting across the table from me but there it was, we were having breakfast together.

The windstorm that came up. Blew a table and umbrella off the dining deck at the inn, flickered the lights a few times as well.

Morning sunrise after the storm. Taken from my little deck

Bumps tee sweater knit in Dream in color Cocoa Kiss

Sunday Sunrise...isn't this light beautiful?

A Little alone time knitting in my room, and yes that is Harry Potter on the TV.

Bumps Sleep sack...I knit on it a bit while waiting for the ferry back home.

And baby A's little Baby Gaga poncho took less than a day and is super adorable!


Marcy said…
I just want to sit in that room and knit.
Great photos. It looks beautiful where you are! And great knitting, too. :)
Carmel said…
I always make sure I get the same room every year for the retreat. I love it. It has a little deck that looks out towards saratoga passage and camano island....The rest of the Inn is beautiful as well and so cozy.

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