Rain Rain Rain......

Every time I watch a movie that is based on the Northwest all I see thru the whole movie is buckets and buckets of rain falling and I think to myself...'whatever, it's not like that here'. Most of the time I'm right in that proclimation, except this week apparently. Storm blew in Monday night, and I mean BLEW in and it hasn't stopped raining buckets and buckets since. I was hanging out on the floating house yesterday afternoon with Mom and G trying to figure out a way to just spend the night instead of getting on the road and suffering another white knuckle drive...however, I didn't pack a change of clothes with me so home I went. The upside today is that the wind has stopped. Still pouring buckets and I have nothing but errands to run today.

I'm complaining a lot.
I'll stop that immediately.
The good stuff today?
1. I get to run my errands with my mom and we're going to lunch at a new diner I've been wanting to try...
2. I don't have to work today
3. I get to spend the morning with the dogs by the fire knitting a little bit before I head down to Seattle.
4. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and for that I'm excited.

I was going to snap a picture of the rain but miraculously it has settled back to a typical drizzle....

Now... back to my knitting!

Happy Wednesday
Stay warm
stay dry
Keep Joy in your heart for all you do today!!

while I was hanging out at the Floating House (for those who are not familiar they are houses on the water...and their rental is right across lake union from the house used in Sleepless in Seattle) I felt the house move, I mean I knew it was moving because the hanging pots and pans and the hanging light over the table move slightly but this was a full shift and I gotta tell ya, very unsettling and cool at the same time....Can't wait for tomorrow!


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