Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

omg omg omg!
I woke up feeling like it was Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one, minus all the cooking, cleaning and general hulabaloo that goes along with those holidays. It's the So Much Yarn retreat today on Whidbey Island! I've been awake since 4:30 a.m., thank you Mr. Brown and Gabby.
It's possible that I've over packed my yarn, notions, and knit items versus clothes, we'll find out when I get there.
I have packed an assortment of delicious snacks for all of to have tonight as well as for me to munch on while knitting.
That reminds me, I need to pack that bottle of vodka in the cooler for Happy Hour at the Inn tonight.
Like I said, it's possible that I have packed an unreasonable amount of yarn for a 2.5 day knitting retreat but two things ring true;
     1. I've never been reasonable
     2. I might get bored, frustrated, annoyed, or quite possibly finish what I was working on not have a back up.
It's happened in the airport once, it wasn't pretty.
D wishes he could go with me, but really this is a girl thing and we are there to knit and he would want to sightsee and, to be honest, I'm going to be 45 minutes from our house. It's not like we can't shoot over for a day during the year and have a little visit.

I just noticed, it's super windy today. That's going to make for one crazy ferry ride. Usually I stay in my car but I think this time I'll go up on deck just in case I need to hurl over the handrail.

I'm so excited I want to be in line for the ferry right now, but that would be insane (which I am a little bit) so I"m holding off till 9:00, okay maybe 8:30, 8:15? The ferry dock is 2.5 minutes from my house I could leave at 8:50 and make the 9:00 o'clock boat. But that would be crazy to leave that late and hope to still make the boat. Too much anxiety to even think about.

I was emailing with D yesterday asking him to help me gather things together and I asked if he could get the blue cooler down for me so I could pack my cold items in it. Of course being reasonable and a nice guy he asked me what I needed it to hold (we have a variety of sizes and he wanted to find the one best for my needs, pretty sweet huh?)
I said, I need it to hold
1 bottle of vodka
2 bottles of club soda
2 bottles of cranberry
2 limes
2 stella artois
1 package of hummus
Pomegranate seeds
His response?
"That is a huge distribution of alcohol to food...bring easy projects"

What's a little baby knitting without a cocktail?

For the record I have crackers for my cheese and pita chips for my hummus and there is an amazing grocery store in town where I can find some hard salami to go with all of it. Oh yeah and for my healthy oils I packed a tin of Chili Lime Almonds.

Happy Friday! I'll be tweeting @carmelknits, and posting updates/pictures on here all weekend so stay tuned!

Mom, based on the list above dad might be onto something.......


Julie said…
haha, I love his response- regarding the ratio of booze to food!! Awesome times ahead, for sure!!

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