The Challenge

A Challenge for 2012 has been thrown down by my friend Kelly of Creating a Family Home.

The Challenge:

To Knit and Craft only from what we have stashed.
We can buy new yarn but can't use it...Well I found a loop hole (sorry Kelly)
I'm buying new yarn before the end of the year so it will be in my stash on New Years Day!
First project?
The Girlfriend Swing Coat for my friend Lindsay's daughter in a hot Azaela pink
You can purchase your own copy of the pattern here
It's designed by one of my top favorites, Wendy Bernard. Wendy's all about seamless knitting as much as possible...kindred spirit? definitley.
I hate seaming
I hate it so much that when I do a really nice one I actually photograph it to prove that i'm not horrible at it.
So the challenge is on and lucky for me I have a whole trunk of patterns with their yarn all ready to go for next year because really this was supposed to be my challenge for 2011 and clearly that didn't happen.

The trunk is coming out and it will be knit! With any luck I'll at least have a couple new cardigans by next Christmas...

Who's in?


Brenda M said…
Well, I love this idea, but I'd have to use the loophole, because I probably only have enough yard to knit two or three items before I run out. Now, if we were talking about scrapbook supplies...

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