Not much about knitting...

It seems as though I haven't posted much about knitting this holiday season...looking back I've knit a lot of hats but stopped right before Christmas. I started the 'Girlfriends Swing Coat' for my friend Lindsays daughter Miss B. it's a lot of stockinette but I'm starting the increases for the flare at the hips probably tonight. It's coming along well.
The buttons arrived yesterday for Bumps striped Coffee Bean cardigan! As soon as they are on I'll post a photo. They are super cute!
Right now my travel project is a sock. Marcy almost fell over when I told her I was knitting a sock. Apparently I haven't knit a pair in a while, and to be quite honest I remember why...they take forever when you only work on them for an hour a day!

Happy New Years Eve... Stay safe tonight and enjoy the people you are with!


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