One day

If all I gave for Christmas were Knit hats one day is all I would need to get them all done...
However I don't give just hats and it's coming on Christmas, if any of you have a whole day to knit the rest of us are jealous... So there

This hat is awesome. My latest count I think I've made at least 2 dozen.
It's Erich's AF knockoff hat on Ravelry.
It's free (bonus)
It's fast (another bonus)
People love them (double bonus)
Plus...they are super warm!
I use Burly Spun by Brown Sheep and a size 13 circular needle...
You get about 2 hats per skein and with all the left over bits I use them all at the end of the season to make a hat for that has a little of everyone in it...they turn out bright and crazy and fun just like me!! Woot woot
Happy Monday


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