Finished Object: Big Green Owl

I know I know...
It's been a long long time since I actually posted a finished object.
This one has been done but missing eyes and a beak for quite a while but I finished it finally.
He's wonderful
It's entirely possible that had I not given him to Bump the day I finished him that it would have come back home with me.
There have been many requests from friend and family (mom) for more...
all in due time people
all in due time

He is adorable
He is squishy
He is 100% lovable

I'm totally making one for myself as soon as I get home!
and one for mom
and one for Jane
and one for....
and another one for...

This could become a new obsession

as if I needed one.

So here are the details

Pattern Name: Big Snowy Owl by Purl Soho
Yarn: Body - Classic Elite Sprout Organic Cotton in Galapago Green
          Eyes - White is Cascade 128 superwash
                     Green and Blue are Berroco Comfort Chunky
          Beak - Berroco Comfort Worsted in Canary Yellow
Needles: Size 9 for the body, size 8 for the eyes
Love Meter: Off the charts!!!
I mean seriously....
look at this guy!


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