Finished Object: Eternity Scarves

My Friend Marcy has made a few of these and her daughter Michelle has made five that I know of...
I started my first one on the Monday before we flew to Minnesota and finished it on Wednesday. I started the second one on the airplane on the way out there.

the first one I made out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in Firecracker. I found it at Churchmouse yarn on Bainbridge Island when mom was visiting over Thanksgiving.

If you are a knitter and you are in the Seattle area you have to hop the ferry and head to Churchmouse...totally worth it. I could spend hours there. I did spend hours there, as well as money...

The second one I made out of Blue Sky Alpaca hand dyed worsted. 50% Alpaca, 50% Merino. It's heavy and soft and I'm smitten with it.

The first one I wore the whole time I was in Minnesota (more to prevent mom from stealing it out from under my nose)
The second one I have worn during the snowy weather in Seattle. (it's possible I took a short nap in it right after I finished it)

The Green Afghan under the scarves was
crocheted for me by my mom over 35 years ago
I love it.
Its one of the only things she crocheted.
She loves knitting more. 

Pattern: Eternity Scarf by Michelle Wang. Ravelry link here
Yarn: Scarf 1- Blue Moon Twisted in Firecracker
         Scarf 2 - Blue Sky Hand dyed worsted
Size 9 circular
Love this pattern! Currently eyeballing my stash to see what else I can make it out of!
Are you wondering how my stash busting challenge is going? So far so good. I've walked in three yarn shops and while I haven't bought any yarn I've bought a whole lot of other stuff...but that's a completely different post.


I already queued this one! Does it take a full skein?

AND, what were you doing in three yarn shops, young lady!? j/k Looking forward to finding out what you got!!!
Carmel said…
Went yarn shopping with mom at a couple shops in Minnesota! There was one in a tiny town about 45 minutes from her house in Buffalo Minnesota, and they had a huge selection in a very tiny space...felt like we were going to be attacked from above!

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