Hooters for Owls...

That title is probably misleading.
You probably think I'm putting boobs on the owls...
That's right, I said Owls
I've knit another one and have plans for many many more
I love them.
My current one that I just finished is Stan.
He's a serious sort.
Enjoys working with numbers
Doesn't interact well with others and is terribly shy.
When he hears someone approaching his office he makes a dash for the spider fern and hides.
He enjoys the finer things in life as well, a dry gin martini at night, and a fresh cup of coffee from my thermos in the morning at work.
It's all about routine and ritual with Stan.
He is little being only about 5" tall, but he makes up for size with his owlish cuteness.
He's looking for love but hasn't had much luck on the Owl to Owl dating website.
Maybe someone will pop up soon for Stan.

I think we all know it will.
Probably this weekend.

In the meantime, as Stan cruises the dating site, crunches numbers and drinks my coffee, I'm working on a pair of Antler Mittens by Alexa Ludeman you can find the pattern here

I wanted to use more of my Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand Dyed yarn...
As soon as I finish these I'll be a knitter with Matching Accessories
That's right
I said it...


It be the start of something...

Just like the owls...


I love Stan! And awesome mittens! Maybe I'll try a pair of those someday.... you know, once I finish my cupcake mittens!
Carmel said…
The mittens go so fast once the cabling starts! I couldn't believe it. If I didn't need to get up at 4:00 a.m. I would have finished the first one last night!

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