Over the Weekend...

I was in Minneapolis over the weekend for Bumps baptism. I am his Godmother and Margie's brother Will is Godfather.
Needless to say I got oodles of cuddle time with the little guy and he's just as sweet as can be.
Little Miss A is also the most adorable cuddly thing as well.
My family makes beautiful babies.
Bird and Bear were at the top of their game when I saw them last Friday.
Apparently there was a conversation about how I was adopted in the family. Bird took that to mean I came from the orphanage and wanted to know what it was like...
I'm going to put that right next to the entry in my journal where 2 years ago he asked if I was a beaver because my teeth were kind of big in my head.
Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?

The only thing Minnesota was missing was snow.
They had none.

My best friend Megan joined all of us for dinner Monday night and it was so good to see her. Sadly Miss E had an upper respiratory infection so she stayed home with her daddy and big brother Z.

D and I arrived home yesterday afternoon to a land covered in snow.
6" at our house alone.
More is coming down now.

I couldn't help turning on the Christmas lights on the deck with the snow covering them. Their bright glow in the dark quiet landscape is making me all twittery and happy!

Sounds like a good day to stay safe and sound at home.
Snow Day = Knitting day by the fire
with a little laundry thrown in for good measure.
It's possible that I'll take the Christmas Tree down today as well...maybe

I did knit a sweater for Bump in about three hours and thanks to mom's steamer and endless button supply we were able to block and button it up...Those pictures are on my phone and I just need to find my photo downloader thingamajig and I'll post it as a FO. 

Stay warm everyone. 
I'm going to crack off my second Eternity Scarf by Michelle Wang and wear it as I stroll thru this winter wonderland...


Sounds like it was a nice visit!
Carmel said…
It was a great visit! Now stuck at home with snow falling like crazy!

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