Safe & Sound...

It started out innocently enough. I was stopping to find some new shoes on my way home from work. After that I was going to hit redbox to pick up a movie, then subway for dinner.
How was I to know that the shoe store was having a going out of business sale? That everything in stock was 70-90% off? That I would find four pairs of flats, plus a new pair of black heels all for less than $8.00 per pair.
The sales girl was very sweet. Carried my shoes to the register while I looked around some more. The girl was also very nice when she suggested that I try on a pair of blue wedge sandals...I set my purse and shawl down and tried to slap those 'super comfy' blue wedges on my two bricks we casually refer to as feet.
'nope, not for me I said.' with a smile on my face...
I picked up my stuff, paid, and headed to my next stop...
15 minutes later at the store I felt like something was amiss...I had a sinking feeling, a nugget of fear and then I realized why...
I didn't have my green shawl
You know the one.
100% cashmere in green with a purple ruffle edging.
The one I proudly dragged to introduce to the Yarn Harlot.
The one she touched!
I felt faint
I felt a couple tears well up in my eyes.
I walked a couple circles around the car, ran into the store and
grabbed the movie from redbox. Then headed back to Lynnwood.
I was in such a state of panic, fear, and nausea that when a woman tried to nose her way into traffic I quite harshly closed the gap saying 'not this time sweetheart'
Then I thought 'oh boy, karma is going to bitch slap me for doing that and for sure the shawl will be gone'
It's possible at this time the tears started in full force along with the irrational thoughts.

What if someone saw it and took it? They don't know it's cashmere!
They don't know it was hand knit!
They don't know that it needs to be handled with love, care, and reverence! They'll take it home and present it to their dog as a soft place to rest its mangy little head!

Please let it be there!

It's possible I broke the speed limit a bit and that the tires squealed a little as I pulled into the parking lot. I possibly called an old lady driving a not so nice name as she totally jacked up backing out of a parking space causing me delay from reuniting with my shawl.

It was there

Right where I left it
I grabbed it and possibly kissed it,
Silently thanking all the powers that be that allowed me to get it back and not let it end up as a dog bed...

I promise that I will never abandon you again.



Lynn said…
Phew! Sure glad you have Karma on yourside!!

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