a change is gonna come...

The thought has been rolling around in my head for a while.
I've also noticed  a lot of the blogs I follow doing this as well and I like it so it's time to put it into action over here.
Sometimes I write just to write
sometimes I write to show what I've been doing
but lately it's felt like I don't have anything to say, which isn't true, I typically have a lot to say and I think about a lot of stuff, all the time, at random sometime inappropriate moments.
So I've decided to organize the blog into a category and hopefully this will help organize some other corners of my world.
I have a couple goals here;
1. be more concise
2. have a daily theme
3. blog a minimum of 5 days a week leaving the weekend open for nothing or a massive brain dump.

It can be done. I see others doing it, and honestly I could ramble on for 7 days a week, but after a while I think you would read it in the teachers voice from Charlie Brown. So stay tuned. I'm still fine tuning the the categories and I hope that you all like them.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow...

I'm off to get my annual NASCAR license tonight!

that's right people I am a card carrying member of NASCAR

You're jealous aren't you?

Have a good rest of your day!
I just love this picture....they know I'm nearby they just don't know where...


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