running behind...

I blame it on the three day weekend.
Yesterday I meant to do the weekend rewind.
Today I meant to post what I've been knitting
Tomorrow nobody knows.
Thursday I'll have a recipe for you all that I've made twice in the past week and it's delicious.

So how about this really quickly:
Friday was my first bowling league. 85-85-138 was my score for all three sets
Friday night was also a hockey game with friends.
Saturday I was lazy for the first part of the morning and don't feel one bit guilty about it, and Saturday evening was another hockey game that ended in an overtime shootout! Very exciting, especially since the Silvertips won!
Sunday is weigh in day and lucky me I'm down two pounds (i've been really focusing on getting my health on along with getting D's health on) Sunday was also my first sewing class. True to form I didn't purchase any of the supplies ahead of time instead choosing to wait till 3 hours before class started. Let's just say that sitting for two hours learning something new humbles you in a whole new way. I'm excited though. If this doesn't work out though I have a back up plan...

I knit a slouch. The Felicity pattern on Ravelry in Trilly Silk and Merino. It's beautiful.
I am currently knitting another slouch. Seedling by Alana Dakos in 100% cashmere in the perfect shade of red.

So there's the update
tomorrow will be pictures
and maybe by thursday i'll get my groove back.

we can all have hope right?

happy tuesday


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