someone is having fun with her camera app...

Shocker right?
Me take a lot of pictures?
Me use a fancy app to change them up a bit?

Not me...

Okay it is me, but in my defense there are so many things to photograph in this world and so many fun ways to do it, change it and make it yours, is it any wonder that I probably average about 100-200 photo's a week on my phone alone (many of which get deleted)

My current favorite app is Instagram.
You can change the color saturation, the framing, add some blur to draw focus to one part of the photo yadda yadda yadda... plus if you have family and friends who use it you can follow their feed and see what they are up to.

here are some of my favorites (some may be repeats of previous posts)


this is a photo i took with a regular camera then edited with the app
Big Baby Gabby



The green is my current project for me.
Gold Wheat Cardigan in Shiny Moss by Dream in Color

the other photo is a surprise


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