It's going around.
I see it all thru the blogoverse
as well as my living room.
I've been tyring to curb it and not let it show.
Knitting things in secret so I don't get the question....

"what are you knitting now? did you finish what you were working on?"

I tend to get nasty in my answer when I feel like I've been caught doing something wrong.

It's not wrong to start multiple projects at a time
but it would be easier to curb startitis if there weren't so many delicious fibers out there to play with, birthdays to celebrate, babies needs to be met.

Two things could help me with my startitis
1. More time in my day.
2. I need to become a faster knitter.

it would be nice if during my stash-busting challenge if the yarn companies would stop sending me catalogs full of beautiful new yarns for spring...

Just saying.

Happy Monday

I got on the elevator at work today and stood in it for a full minute before I realized it wasn't going anywhere...apparently it does help to push the button for the floor you want.



Karen said…
I've got to the point where I just throw those catalogues right into the woodstove without cracking the covers!
Julie said…
man, i wish I could knit faster, too!! there is so much I want to be knitting right now- and then there's this day job getting in the way....

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