Tuesday: The Knitting

You would think that after my announcement of joining a bowling league yesterday that I will be giving up some prime knitting time.
Not true.
Not true at all...
I can knit between sets...

As for the Stash Busting Challenge... So far so good. One month down and I haven't purchased any new yarn. I'm actually enjoying the rediscovery of my stash. I have some really amazing stuff in my stash.
Now that being said I've bought many many new patterns in order to use up the stash. Thea Coleman releases new patterns over at BabyCocktails quite often and they immediately go into my cart on Ravelry. You can find Thea's website, patterns and cocktail recipes here.

My current projects in the works are two birthday presents for friends that are coming up...I'll post pictures as soon as they receive them...They turned out lovely and I think suited very well to their recipients.

I have a slew of things to finish up that just need little things
- sleeves
- a not so janky button band with buttons
- the body of a sweater
- the foot of the sock
- I have a few owls left in me as well so we'll see how those turn out...

As soon as I finish those I can start some stuff for Mom! (who since I couldn't reach her on the phone this morning must still be lazing about on a sailboat somewhere in the Carribean, we aren't going to talk about why I wasn't on that boat with her, something about money and me not having enough of it lol)
Mom fell in love with the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. It's from the book Coastal Knits, a collaboration between Alana Dakos (another favorite whose patterns end up in my cart as soon as they release) and Hannah Fettig. Both living on opposite coasts. The Ravelry link for Rocky Coast Cardigan is here. The only issue I've heard with this pattern is that the sleeves run small. Luckily my friend Kim did the same cardigan in the same size as my mom so I know who to go to for questions!

Happy Valentines Day!
Did you knit something for your Valentine?


Ms. Kimba said…
Yes! knit & bowl!!! haha

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