The Chores are Winning...

Saturday is technically chore day around my house which means 
the dog hair gets swept up in force instead of the sad little attempts I make during the week. 
The grocery shopping is supposed to be done and an ungodly hour because I hate shopping when everyone else does. 
All the stuff that gets pulled out in the bathroom during the week gets put away and at least 2 loads of laundry are supposed to get done. 
las night was bowling league night (i still suck by the way) followed immediately by a Silvertips Hockey game against our biggest rival the Seattle Thunderbirds. We whooped em', whooped em' to the tune of 4-0. 
On top of that we met D's brother and wife afterwards for a beer. I stuck with water since I was the DD for the night. 
Needless to say I didn't get home and in bed till 12:30....The dogs woke up at 5:00 a.m. and I bribed them with a cookie to let me sleep a little bit longer. That lasted till 7:00 when all bets were off and I was going to feed them or become the feed...
I immediately went back to bed.
9:30 is when I officially woke up and decided to make breakfast for us...I'm trying to cook more at home, breakfast out on the weekends was always something we did, not healthy and definitely not budget friendly. 

So my whole plan went up in smoke. I had to shop at the store with a bunch of people I consider rude. 
Got nailed by the little Brownie Girls selling Girl Scout cookies at the door. Now I have 4 boxes of cookies that I can't eat in my purse. I'm a sucker for the girl scouts and CampFire girls...having been both, so I always drop a ton of cash on their cookies, plus who can resist the cuteness of them all dressed up in their uniforms trying to figure out money and how to get you to buy 6 of each box? I can't...

So my schedule is off for a bit and I'm going to let it ride, there is always tomorrow to catch up on what I didn't do today...with that thought in mind there is a purple beret calling my name from the living room, not to mention a bottle of advil, a cup of coffee and huge bottle of water. It was cowbell night at the game and my head is still ringing...Still trying to figure out how I ended up with 3 cowbells...wonders never cease. 

maybe I'll snag a nap too but I really really want to get that hat done today! 
Happy Saturday! 

Mom, there is a box of thin mints coming your way, do with them what you will! 


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