Finished Object: Smocked Slouch

That's right.
I knit another Smocked Slouch.
I can't help it. I'm on a hat kick right now.
Maybe it's because spring is being so nasty to us here in the Northwest.
Nasty cold winds whipping around, snow, downpours of rain, hail, and every once in a while a warm breeze that teases us into believing that winter will end and spring will come. Well, in the interim, I will knit hats to get as many of us through as possible...So here is Lisa's Smocked Slouch. It matches her Nacho Getters that I made for her...

Pattern: Smocked Slouch by Jill Zillenski. Check her block here, she also does graphic design work for knitters so if you are looking for a logo you couldn't do better than Jill.
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (no idea what colorway i lost the label)
Needles: Size 7 in circular and dpn's
Love this pattern!

I think Lisa is going to love it as well!

Speaking of teases... here is MY next Rustling Leaves Beret designed by Alana Dakos... stay tuned for more updates on this!


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