One Hat to Lead Them All...

If you haven't guessed by the title I'm in a Lord of the Rings phase right now. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I watched the trilogy...aren't those the best... of course they go faster for me because I fast forward a lot of the parts with Gollum...he freaks me out and I put him on the fear level of the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz.
I love my Rustling Leaves Beret. LOVE IT. I've worn it 3 out of 4 times this week...I leave it on long after I've arrived at work, and put it on at least a half hour before I leave.
So this morning, would it surprise you, I had a notion to knit another one (or six) most will be gifts for others and 3 for sure will be for me...what's lovely about this is that you only need half a skein of most sock yarns so you easily get two hats p/skein! Bang for your knitterly buck!
Well, instead of heading out the door to work in a timely fashion I pulled out my hoard of sock yarn (the unwound bin) and right off the bat found the 3 4 that I want to use...The top three though are as follows in order...
1. Tanis Fiber Arts hand dyed yarn, Blue Label Fingering in the color Sand
2. Socks that Rock medium weight in the color Bosenberry
3. Dream in Color Starry in the color Black Parade (don't you love the sparkle in it?)


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