Open Season...

September 2011
Actually that should be Season Opener :)
I love to play with words...

Today is Open Season for the Mini Stocks out at Evergreen Speedway. After a long winter of everyone working on their race cars they get to test out all the tweaks and twists they made to get a few more horses out of them...That's about as much talk about race cars as I can muster right now.

You all know what Race Day means for me, right?
Get my arse up early and start cranking out the cooking.
Thank goodness for dogs because I set my alarm for p.m. and their stomachs run on a.m. so I didn't over sleep. Actually they woke me up at quarter to five so I tossed the chicken stuff in the crock-pot, fed the dogs and climbed back in bed :)

Today's menu?
Chicken Verde Tacos (2 bags of frozen chicken tenderloins, one jar of salsa verde..a big jar, and 1 pkg taco season, cook on high for 6 hours, shred the chicken serve in soft tortilla's or over rice) they are smelling delicious.
Rice (i cook it on the stove then toss it in a crock-pot to keep warm)
Veggie tray
A cowboy ciao inspired coleslaw (coleslaw mix..not the dressing, edmame, green onions, pepitas, and ranch dressing with a spoonful of pesto tossed in, I have high hopes for this...for a healthy option I opted for the Yogurt Ranch Dressing...I've discovered these and find they are just as tasty as their full fat counterparts but literally have half the fat and calories...If you don't believe me then believe this...D likes it and doesn't complain when I throw it on the Bang Bang Chicken...which will also make an appearance this season at the track!)
and Gooey Butter Cake by none other than Paula Deen...

Trust me, everything is healthy right up till you get to the gooey butter cake. If you've never made it and you have a special occasion coming up I highly recommend it. My brother-in-law at Christmas refused to have a piece until he saw his son going bonkers on it and then he decided to get a piece...well he loved it.

Plus it's opening day so it deserves a special dessert...I'll just knit to avoid eating it.
My Early Morning Beret is dry and currently residing on top of my head. It's wonderful. I used Eco Wool which Cascade Yarns claims is bulky but it knits up as more of an Aran. Knit on size 7 needles it has a nice tight weave and look's like a smooth fabric. The way the decreases showed up on it have me absolutely tickled, so until it gets to hot to wear to day I'm going to be sporting this thing...Probably will have a chance to wear it tonight too once the sun goes down out at the track.

I'll post a picture later of me sporting the hat. I took one this morning of me wearing it and if you don't scare easily you can find me on Instagram under my carmelknits name, you can get an early preview. If you scare easily wait till later when I'll have some make up on :)

Happy Saturday!


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